TOP CHOICE: The Whanganui people have spoken - Kai Iwi is a clear favourite for summer swimming spots.

An online Chronicle poll asked readers where they liked to swim when the weather gets hot, and 43.21 per cent - 89 out of 206 voters - chose Kai Iwi beach.

And it looks pretty good, judging by our photo of children taking a dip in the Kai Iwi Stream by Archers Bridge.

The next favourite was Castlecliff Beach, with 29 votes (14.08 per cent), followed by the Wanganui East Pool, with 28 votes (13.6 per cent), and the Splash Centre with 26 votes (12.63 per cent).


Less-frequented swimming spots included Vinegar Hill (5.34 per cent), Ototoka Beach and Mosquito Pt (both 4.86 per cent), and Waiinu Beach (1.46 per cent).