A spot of luck helped save a Bulls resident's house this week when nearby firefighters heard smoke alarms going off.

Some of the Bulls volunteer brigade were helping a former member move house on Thursday evening when they heard the beeping of a neighbour's smoke alarm across the road.

The occupant had been cooking on the stove when he realised he was missing some ingredients and popped off to the shops, accidentally leaving the pan on the stove, Bulls fire chief Brian Carter said.

One of the women involved in the move heard the smoke alarm as they were shifting items to the new house, he said.


"That's how we were notified about it," Mr Carter said.

The incident happened about 7.10pm at the corner of Kittyhawk Row and Clifton St.

"We were joking about 'if the siren goes, you lose half your bloody workforce shifting house'."

There was "black smoke coming out the windows" and a "glowing red plate" and pan could be seen through the window.

The occupant came home and the situation was sorted before a fire could start, Mr Carter said.

The house was filled with smoke but undamaged.