The Wanganui Community Arts Centre is hoping to open by the end of September for the first time since the June floods.

The centre, on Taupo Quay, contains Left Bank Art Supplies, two galleries, the headquarters of the Wanganui Potter's Society and Wanganui CES. The centre was badly damaged during the floods of June 20.

Cath Watson from the Wanganui Community Arts Centre said the past couple of months had been "a difficult time", but work was at last progressing.

"We've had some delays caused by the insurance assessment process. Our builders have been great in trying to manage the process for us," Ms Watson said.


She said this week concrete was due to be poured for the floor in the gallery spaces and Left Bank. The potters' society rooms now have walls, but these need to be plastered and painted.

Left Bank is operating out of an undamaged room upstairs, while CES is housed in a UCOL campus building.

Ms Watson said the centre was due to open on September 29 for its first exhibition since the floods.

"The floor won't be polished and the walls will still be in progress, but we will be able to have an exhibition."

Frances Stachl's jewellery workshop, on Moutoa Quay, which was inundated with mud and water during the floods, is now back up and running.

Meanwhile, the Sarjeant On The Quay has decided to move its annual Whanganui Arts Review to early next year because of the floods. The gallery was damaged, with the floor covered in sludge and silt and damaged paint on the wall linings.

All the artworks were safe.

The gallery is set to reopen on September 26.


The arts review has been postponed and will open on March 4. It will run for 12 weeks.