Wanganui has been shown off to a group of visitors from the international travel group Friendship Force.

A group of 16 from the US, Japan, Taiwan and Brazil arrived in Wanganui on Sunday for a week of activities.

Friendship Force is an international organisation which organises travel exchanges where members host each other.

Deborah Winslow was part of the tour party and said a trip to New Zealand had been on her bucket list.


The Virginia woman said she was a long-time traveller but had only been a part of Friendship Force for a year after finding out about it through a friend.

"It's a way to kind of travel by yourself but not be totally by yourself," she said.

She said being hosted by Friendship Force members made it easier to learn about a country's culture. She loved how New Zealand reflected and "infused" two cultures. "It was really lovely."

The American will be meeting up with members of the local Friendship Force branch in New Plymouth later this month.

While here, the visitors went on a trip to South Taranaki and went to art galleries in Wanganui, along with various tourist sites in the city.

Meanwhile, New Zealand will host the Friendship Force world conference in Auckland later this month, which a group of Wanganui members will be attending.