"Monday Massacre you cda stoped it." That was just one of the text messages sent to a mother by her son, 22-year-old Matthew Ross Phillips, after he stole a slug gun from a Waverley shed on July 7.

A few minutes later came "im gn to jail" followed by "u r goin to pay with guilt 4 the rest of ur life ive comitd murder".

Minutes after that last message, Phillips entered Dallison E C & Sons clothing store in Waverley to speak to the owner, his uncle, while holding the gun under his arm, pointing at the ground.

Phillips told his uncle, "tell my mother I mean it this time", before leaving.


His actions sparked an armed offenders' squad callout, and he was eventually found in a grandstand at the Waverley rugby grounds, minus the gun.

He was sentenced to prison at Whanganui District Court yesterday after admitting unlawfully carrying a firearm and burglary.

Phillips entered the shed on July 6 where he took the high-powered weapon which had a silver barrel and telescopic sights.

He initially told police it was a toy gun and that he had thrown it in a fire after the offending, but police later spoke to the owner of the gun, who said Phillips gave it back about 11am that day.

Judge David Cameron said Phillips had convictions for various offending, and had been imprisoned in the past, including a four-month jail term for common assault.

"He's dependent on cannabis, which negatively affects his behaviour," Judge Cameron said.

The court was told Phillips had no fixed address and was believed to be sleeping rough.

Judge Cameron sentenced him to four months in prison with special release conditions that for six months he attend any alcohol and drug counselling as directed by a probation officer.