After months of waiting to share the company of others, a planned mingle among art easels and enthusiasts of art and culture is expected to be a big hit at the Whangamata Golf Club.

The midwinter mingle on the afternoon of Sunday, August 16, features an extensive exhibition of art, both 2D and 3D, a line-up of talented local musicians including Reuben Fleetwood, Morgan Keating Marr and Joel Lester and a group of ukulele players.

It is the latest event organised by the Whangamata Arts Collective under its new chairman Graeme Smith, who wanted to bring the community together on a Sunday when Saturday sport was done and people may be seeking entertainment and local culture.

"It's a chance to uplift people's spirits. We want people to come away from this event saying it was just magic, the idea is to inspire."


Graeme says his artistic talents don't extend far, but he is building 20 easels for artists to display their work on and was going over plans this week for creating an inspiring art space at the golf club.

"Since I've had my grandchildren I'm getting really good at my colouring in," he says. "I'm in awe of the talent these guys have got, and this was an opportunity to give them the pedestal that they deserve and to showcase their work."

Committee member Lynne Robinson says the collective teed up the golf club as the latest, and perhaps most picturesque, of venues over the years.

Artists have improvised exhibition space from an empty store and cafe front to the memorial hall, where lighting was used to create the right atmosphere.

Tickets $20 include a glass of mulled wine, entertainment and nibbles. Tickets are available from Whangamata Information Centre.

- Arts Collective mid-winter mingle on Sunday, August 16, 2pm–5pm at the Whangamata Golf Club.