The Best Health and Fitness Apps

By Rosie Kelway
These health and fitness apps are an easy way to get into shape. Picture / @karliekloss.

A win-win that sees you earn money for charity while you exercise. This app works by offering corporations advertising in exchange for their sponsorship of its users. Simply sign up and choose a cause to donate to, with over 30 to choose from, and it will track your workout and give money for every kilometre you run. Free to download, available for iOS and Android.

7 Minute WorkoutOnly have a few minutes to spare? This app is a great on-the-go aid if you want to break a sweat quickly. Free to download, available for iOS and Android.

My Fitness PalThis app helps monitor your food intake, with guidelines about what you should eat for a balanced diet. Enter in what you consume by searching or scanning the item's barcode, as well as any exercise or water you ingest, and the app calculates how much protein, iron, fat and sugar you're putting in to your body, and suggests what you need more or less of. Free to download, available for iOS and Android.

HeadspaceThis is an easy-to-use introduction to meditation, guiding you through a series of relaxation exercises from 2 to 60 minutes long.  Free to download, available for iOS and Android.

Think of this app as the encyclopaedia of exercise. You can search based on the muscle groups you want to target and by the type of workout you would like to do whether that's cardio or stretching. Fitness Buddy offers instructions for over 1700 exercises and can also track your weight, workout, body metrics, and blood pressure.  $4.99 to download, available for iOS and Android, or a free version with fewer benefits.

Daily WorkoutWith different apps targeting your arms, butt, abs and legs, you can choose which area of the body you want to focus on. Each offers a quick and effective at-home workout. Free to download, available for iOS and Android.

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