How To Fall Asleep: The Viva Team's Top Bedtime Tips

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Being an Aquarian, I'm a real water baby. My favourite way to end a long day is by running a bath. It's quite the ritual I pour a few drops of Jo Malone London Pomegranate Noir Bath Oil or Pure Fiji's Coconut Milk and Honey Bath Soak into the tub, light some candles, grab my book, turn my phone on silent and soak away the day's worries. It sets me up for the best night's sleep." Ashleigh Cometti, commercial editor and beauty writer

One of my number one sleep tools that I swear by is an eye mask! Putting on an eye mask is such a simple and good way to tell your body it's time to nod off especially if ambient light tends to linger in your room. My current favourite is from General Sleep, and I've got my eyes peeled for a silk one to match my silk pillowcase (another sleepy time essential). Rosie Herdman, assistant fashion editor

After experiencing crippling nightmares, sleep paralysis and insomnia for the past two years, my bedtime routine has gotten a bit too woo-woo for its own good. I wind down with a cup of sleep tea and a super hot shower to help make me drowsy. After slathering myself in Linden Leaves body oil, popping a magnesium pill and spritzing my pillow with Ren pillow spray, I attempt to drift off to a sleep meditation podcast like Tracks To Relax. Saru Krishnasamy, digital editor

I usually get up super-early (I love waking up to natural light) and go flat-out all day, so by the time my head hits the pillow, falling to sleep isn't an issue. Sex or reading are both good precursors to a great night's sleep as well. Amanda Linnell, editor

Melatonin pills from Walgreens are great for putting me into a nice lull before bedtime, or some sleeping pills from the doctor to knock me out completely. I also like the smell of Vicks VapoRub or Scully's Lavender Sleep Aid, and I like to rub either on my temples at night. I also like drinking any tea with Valerian in it for some really interesting dreams. Currently into the Artemis Deep Sleep tea; alternatively, Moon Juice has a great adaptogen called Dream Dust that I add to a cup of milky Earl Grey. I also like updating my chill vibes Spotify playlist. A good book and some incense also helps me unwind. Dan Ahwa, creative director

Stay up until you're nodding off on the couch and then shake yourself awake and stumble off to sleep. Seriously, don't follow my poor practice. I'm a night owl and not surprisingly struggle to rise early and keen. Janetta Mackay, beauty editor

I absolutely love my Slip pure silk sleep mask, a birthday gift from my best friend Hayley. It's my sleep associator and I always feel a lot more rested when I wear it to bed. My bedroom is very dark at night and we live in the bush so I don't need it to block out the light, I just love how it seems to block out my thoughts as well. Babiche Martens, photographer

Right now, I like a good dose of laughs to put me in a good mood before bed (note: screentime is not actually recommended for a good's night sleep). If you haven't seen the new sketch series on Netflix I Think You Should Leave with ex-SNL comic Tim Robinson its worth an immediate binge. Absolutely strange, incredibly silly and very funny (please don't judge my humour levels if you disagree). A Guardian writer recently reviewed: "I Think You Should Leave deserves to be held up as one of the finest things that Netflix has ever produced. It is single-handedly going to revive sketch comedy from the wet, wet mud. If you like it, I automatically know that we can be friends. That's how good it is. " Sarah Downs, writer

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