11 Things You Need In Your Wedding Handbag, According To A Wedding Planner

By Lucy Slight
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Everything you might not think of but should definitely plan for.

After months, sometimes years, spent planning your perfect day, the last thing you need when you get to the venue is a wardrobe malfunction, makeup mishap or up-do disaster. You know, the things that you never really plan for,

Who better to help make you feel more prepared for any and every wedding-day situation, than a wedding planner? Dena Appleby is the founder of Willow Lane Events, an Auckland-based company that can take care of every part of your day, from marquee and furniture hire to planning the whole event for you from the ground up.

It’s safe to say, when it comes to weddings, she’s seen it all — and she’s even planned and been part of a wedding of her own (so she really knows her stuff).

We asked Dena to share the wedding day essentials that every bride (or groom) should have on hand so there’s no chance of getting caught short as you tie the knot.

Your wedding day tool-kit

Band-aids or blister plasters

“Nothing will ruin your day like a red-raw toe, so be prepared to tackle blisters before they become a real problem. I’m also a huge campaigner of making sure someone in the bridal party has a pair of flats for you to change in to. If your feet are sore from your stilettos, it can quickly ruin your night — and you don’t want to bail early or be limping your way towards the last dance.”


“For happy tears! I have had many a bride ask me to grab them a napkin from the bar when they start to well up.”

Lipstick touch-up kit

“Your lipstick at 2pm will likely not be in place come dinner time, so ask your makeup artist to give you a little pottle of the colour they have used on your lips, to keep in your handbag.”

Cotton buds

“Pack a couple of these for touching up any smudged makeup, especially around the eyes (hello, happy tears).”

A mini bottle of fragrance

“If you think you’ll feel like refreshing your scent for the reception, see if your chosen fragrance comes in a mini version. Scent is such a big one for me — whenever you wear your wedding perfume from here on out, it will remind you of all those happy memories.”

Bobby pins

“For those who have opted for an up-do, there’s bound to be a piece of rogue hair at some point in the day, so pack a couple of hair-coloured bobby pins to put it back in its place.”


“This speaks for itself, really ... No one likes getting caught out smelling a bit whiffy!”

Chewing gum or mints

“You will be mingling all night so keep your breath fresh and you’ll be less self-conscious about getting up close and personal with your guests — especially after downing those garlic prawns during cocktail hour.”

Compact makeup powder

“Essential for keeping shine at bay for photos, especially during the summer months when it’s a little more balmy and humid. Bonus points if your compact has a mirror as you’ll likely want to check your makeup a million times during the night — and no one needs to visit the bathroom that much.”

Body tape or safety pins

“Always plan for an unexpected dress crisis — whether that be a broken strap or a nipple slip. You’ll be hugging people constantly and breaking out the dance moves later too, so be prepared for any and every type of wardrobe malfunction. There’s not much that a safety pin won’t fix!”

Portable phone charger

“If you’re planning on taking your own candid snaps, it’s a good idea to make sure you have a small power bank on hand so your phone battery doesn’t go into the red. You’ll want to be fully charged to capture any special selfies.”

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