Sid Sahrawat’s Heirloom Carrots With Macadamia & Goat’s Curd Make A Sumptuous Side

Photo / Babiche Martens

These baby carrots will complement this duck breast recipe really well. If you can’t find goat’s curd, substitute it with goat’s cheese or feta.


Serves 4 as a side dish
500g baby heirloom carrots
2 Tbsp olive oil
1 large garlic bulb
100g macadamia nuts
100g goat’s curd
Salt and pepper, to taste
  1. Preheat oven to 200°C.
  2. Wash and dry baby carrots.
  3. Toss the carrots with olive oil and place onto a roasting dish. Season lightly.
  4. Take the garlic bulb and remove any papery outer leaves, leave the skins of individual cloves intact and leave the garlic in its bulb shape. Using a sharp knife cut ¼ of an inch from the top of the cloves to expose the garlic cloves. Put the whole bulb into the roasting tray with the carrots and drizzle olive oil on it.
  5. Roast the carrots and garlic together for 15 minutes or until soft, turning the carrots half way. Squeeze the whole garlic so the roasted cloves pop out; use tongs if needed to do this.
  6. Toast macadamia nuts in a dry fry pan over medium heat. Crush them lightly.
  7. Serve the warm carrots in a serving bowl. Top with toasted macadamia. Dollop goat’s curd on top or crumble goat’s cheese or feta.

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