Fresh Fig & Pear Compote

By Angela Casley
You must try this seasonal and divine combination of flavours and textures. Picture / Babiche Martens

The combination of pears and figs in this compote is not only seasonal, but the flavours and textures divine. A huge array of flavours can be added to a compote, which is any fruit simply cooked in a syrup. Fresh, frozen or dried are commonly used.

Serves 4-6

2 ripe pears, peeled and cored
2 tsp lemon zest
2 Tbsp lemon juice
¼ cup white wine
¼ cup white sugar
5 figs, halved
½ cup chopped mint
1 cup creme fraiche
Limoncello to taste
Runny honey to drizzle

1. Cut each pear into 6. Place into a saucepan with ¼ cup water, lemon zest, juice, wine and sugar. Bring to a simmer, stirring occasionally, cooking the pears until just softened. Add the figs and continue to cook for 5 minutes until a little squidgy. Remove from the heat, stir through half the mint and cool completely.

2. In a small bowl combine the creme fraiche and a good dash of limoncello.

3. Serve the compote with a dollop of creme fraiche and a sprinkle of chopped mint.

4. Drizzle with a little honey.

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