Ask An Expert: I’m Shy. How Can I Be A Good Leader?

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Education futurist and entrepreneur Frances Valintine gives a reserved reader tips on being the boss.

Q: “I recently started a great new job and for the first time in my career, I’m managing a small team. While I’m enjoying the work itself, I feel underconfident as a leader.

“I’m an

A: Congratulations on landing your new role and taking on the responsibility of managing a team. It’s completely normal to feel underconfident as a leader, especially when it’s your first time in such a position.

Embrace this opportunity to grow and evolve because leaders like you curious, empathetic and eager to learn are exactly what we need in today’s complex world.

Being an introvert doesn’t disqualify you from being an effective leader. In fact, your thoughtful approach can be a valuable asset.

To build confidence and become the leader you need to be, embrace your leadership style. Your introverted nature can encourage more thoughtful decision-making and build a strong culture of trust.

Develop clear and concise communication methods that suit your style and practise active listening to understand your team’s needs. Delegating tasks can be challenging but it’s essential for empowering your team and letting them understand you know their capabilities.

Take the time to have social connections with your team, as even a chat over coffee can help build bridges as you learn of each other’s strengths.

Remember, you were chosen for this leadership position for a reason. As you build connections and celebrate your team’s achievements, your confidence will grow.

Embrace your fears, acknowledge your insecurities and use them to fuel your transformation into the exceptional leader you’re destined to be.

Frances Valintine CNZM is the founder and chief executive of AcademyEX, an independent post-graduate institute focused on professional development and knowledge in the fields of technology and innovation, contemporary education, sustainability and change leadership.

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