Two Islands, Jeuneora, The Ordinary & More: Everything That Passed Over Our Beauty Editor’s Desk This Week

By Ashleigh Cometti
Viva beauty editor Ashleigh Cometti shares what she loved this week. Collage / Julia Gessler

A blues-beating supplement (that actually works), a sunscreen that wears well with makeup, and the most wallet-friendly barrier booster we’ve ever met.

It’s been a busy week in beauty land, with no shortage of new products to test out and glittering launch parties to attend. In the last couple of

As a beauty editor, the privilege of being able to trial new-to-market beauty products before the rest of the country isn’t lost on me — and one that I take seriously.

I’m fussy when it comes to formulas, hyper-conscious of claims, and fluent in INCI lists. I always do my due diligence before I go recommending anything to our readers — so if you see it in Viva, rest assured I’ve not only tried it but it’s also had my seal of approval.

Without further ado, the five products which knocked my socks off this week.

Post-crash, pre-calm with Two Islands. Photo / Ash Cometti
Post-crash, pre-calm with Two Islands. Photo / Ash Cometti

Two Islands Happy Days, $64

Look, I’d like to think I’m pretty resilient. But mostly I fluctuate between being pretty astute to then flying off the handle over a minor inconvenience.

The most recent example I can think of was crashing my car a couple of weeks ago (not a minor inconvenience, rather a bloody big one) and the second I arrived home the first thing I thought to do was pop two of Two Islands Happy Days — a new mood-support capsule which harnesses a feel-good formula to support the body’s ability to cope with stress and worry in times of overwhelm, anxiety or burnout.

It’s said to do so in as little as an hour (or up to three hours). For me personally, it took just over an hour for that awful, panicked feeling to leave me. The fast-acting formula highlights Bluenesse Lemon Balm, an ingredient said to help reduce cortisol levels and regulate mood-promoting neurotransmitters, easing tension and promoting mental energy, focus and calm. It’s flanked by Safr’Inside Saffron, which helps boost serotonin levels and promote a balanced mood, and AshwaMind Ashwagandha and L-theanine to calm and soothe the nervous system.

If you, too, are prone to feeling overwhelmed or anxious, then this is absolutely worth a try.

Available exclusively online at

Sunshine and sea breeze: Earlier this week at Jeuneora’s FullStop. launch. Photo / Ash Cometti
Sunshine and sea breeze: Earlier this week at Jeuneora’s FullStop. launch. Photo / Ash Cometti

Jeuneora FullStop. SPF50 Daily Glow Screen, $57

I don’t go a day without wearing sunscreen, but I also don’t go a day without wearing makeup, either. My quest to settle on a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects from harmful UVA and UVB rays, doesn’t feel greasy on my combo skin, and wears well under makeup has been quite the journey. I’ve tried formulas that leave a white cast, cause my makeup to separate, or leave me shining (in the wrong way) by lunchtime.

Cue Jeuneora’s first foray into sunscreen — one which promises to prime skin for makeup as much as it protects. It’s beautiful to apply, the slightly tinted, glow-giving formula reminds me of another of my favourite sunscreens which I’ve repurchased time and time again (until now). What’s left out is just as important as what’s left in — it’s free from oxybenzone and octinoxate, but contains a blend of hydrating, antioxidant-rich ingredients like Arctalis (a marine-based ingredient sourced from the Arctic) and Ectoin (a hydrating amino acid) to care for the skin’s barrier. SPF filters fend off the sun’s rays, but blue light and environmental pollution, too.

It’s hot off the presses and launched yesterday at

The Ordinary Barrier Soothing & Barrier Support Serum, $36

Earlier this week, I was complaining to a colleague that my skin had — quite literally — lost the plot.

It’s not for lack of trying, I’ve been consistent with my skincare routine and my water intake has been high. But instead of playing ball, my skin has been flaring — clearly unhappy with the lack of sleep/stress/amount of sugar I’ve been snacking on.

In a desperate bid to calm it right down before a busy girls’ weekend, I’ve been smoothing on The Ordinary’s newest hot pink-hued Soothing & Barrier Support Serum.

You’ve likely seen a lot of information about your skin barrier swirling about in recent years — after all, it’s your body’s first line of defence against external threats like pollution, irritants and environmental aggressors.

A damaged barrier manifests in the form of dehydration and dryness, tight or flaking skin, redness and irritation. Not fun.

This newbie hydrates and soothes a damaged skin barrier, calming skin flare-ups and boosting hydration levels quickly (in as little as two hours). While the effects weren’t quite as immediate for me, I did find the gallic acid and vitamin B12 (which gives the serum its hue) calmed redness and left my skin feeling less angry.

Available from Farmers or online at

Equal parts sweet and sensual, Jean Paul Gaultier Divine eau de parfum is set to become my new date night go-to. Photo / Ash Cometti
Equal parts sweet and sensual, Jean Paul Gaultier Divine eau de parfum is set to become my new date night go-to. Photo / Ash Cometti

Jean Paul Gaultier Divine 50ml eau de parfum, $200

It’s been 30 years since Jean Paul Gaultier released its first fragrance, and in the time since the brand’s signature bodice has experienced many iterations, most recently bedecked in a gilt corset for the launch of Gaultier Divine.

And divine it is, too, a floral-gourmand hybrid which appeals to my sweeter side with fruity notes of berries and bergamot, white florals in the form of lily, jasmine and ylang-ylang, with base notes of airy meringue, patchouli and musk.

While some gourmand scents feel heading or overpowering, this settles beautifully on the skin — imperceptible to the wearer but harbouring “what perfume are you wearing?” Left, right and centre.

Its sexy Madonna-esque conical bodice renders the bottle as beautiful to look at as the fragrance is to wear, and it doesn’t look out of place on my perfume tray. At the time of publishing, both the 30ml and 100ml were out of stock online.

Available from Farmers or online at

Hada Labo now available in Aotearoa

Great news, J-Beauty fans: Hada Labo has launched at all 46 Chemist Warehouse stores nationwide. The viral Japanese skincare brand shot to popularity thanks to its Lotion No.1 Super Hydrator, $41, of which one unit is sold every three seconds in Japan.

Born out of Kyoto, Hada Labo looks to three different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to deliver hydration deep within the skin, sealing in moisture and leaving skin plump and juicy.

But if you want to get your hands on one of its hydrating formulas you’d better be quick — the range sold out four times since it launched across the Tasman.

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