Ask The Beauty Editor: ‘How Do I Style Postpartum Hair Regrowth?’

By Lucy Slight
Easy ways to tend to those flyaways while they grow out. Collage / Julia Gessler

Dear Beauty Editor,

I have postpartum hair regrowth which is wispy and downright annoying. How do I blend it in while waiting for it to grow out?

From Fuzzy Locks

Dear Fuzzy Locks,

As a mother of two girls, the youngest being two, I feel this in my soul

Many new mums will experience the shock of excessive hair shedding in the months after giving birth, usually around the four-months-postpartum mark. You’ll be enjoying a much-needed hair wash one perfectly normal morning after a crap night’s sleep, only to find yourself standing there naked under the faucet with a surprise clump of hair twisted around your fingers.

Little do you know at the time, but this will continue to happen for months on end until you think it’s impossible that you could lose another strand and still have a ponytail. While all that hair continues to fall, the good news is, the new growth will start to come through too. The bad news is, it can often appear to be a completely different texture to your normal hair and the growth can be quite noticeable around your hairline as those wispy little things get longer, but still don’t blend in on their own yet.

When humidity peaks, that top layer of growth coming out from your parting really does have a mind of its own and can get unruly. While it is a (very long) waiting game for it all to grow out and blend in, there are a few things you can do to help hide these hectic hairs in the meantime.

One quick trick I like to employ is to spray some hairspray onto my palms and smooth the top layer of hair down. I find spraying onto my hands first means that the hairspray is less noticeable on the hair as you’re not spritzing it on straight from the can and running the risk of the product making your hair look and feel crunchy. You can go over it with a boar/nylon bristle brush to smooth it down even more once it’s dry too.

If you own a Dyson Supersonic hairdryer or AirWrap (or you’re in the market for an upgrade) do yourself a favour and invest in the Flyaway Attachment. It helps to smooth flyaways down and under your longer hair and it is a miracle worker! The attachment for the Supersonic is $109 but you won’t know how you lived without it.

When wearing your hair tied up, that new growth around the hairline can get very flicky throughout the day. There are products out there designed specifically to help you get a smooth up-do; they’re essentially mascara for your hair. The Tidal Hair Slicking Wand, $29.95, is a good option and you can keep it in your handbag to touch up when you need to. Otherwise, a clean spoolie (aka mascara wand) sprayed with hairspray will do the trick nicely too.

Hang in there! And pray for zero humidity!



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