7 Uplifting Makeup Looks To Try During Lockdown

By Ashleigh Cometti
Atlanta has M.A.C Magenta Madness pigment, flicking out from the lower lash line, while M.A.C Cherry Topped Eyeshadow washes over eyelids. Photo / Carolyn Haslett for Viva Magazine - Volume One

Feeling a little flat today? Us too.

If the thought of refreshing news sites and watching daily updates is hitting a nerve, then allow us to introduce seven beauty bloggers who are sure to inspire you to keep things upbeat and beautiful while staying safely at home during level 4 lockdown.

From pretty pastels to the downright zany, read on for seven fun beauty looks to try this week.

LOOK ONE: Salwa Rahman

UK beauty blogger Salwa Rahman has been on our radar for some time now, and for good reason.

The London-based, self-taught makeup artist isn't one to shy away from colour instead diving headfirst into colourful makeup palettes, pots and pomades to create her choice of trippy beauty looks.

Her most recent one (captioned "paint by numbers") inspires us all to make use of the less-popular shades in our makeup kits to create a colourful clash of hues that highlight and swirl over different areas of the face.

LOOK TWO: Rowi Singh

Creative makeup artist Rowi Singh has been keeping busy throughout the NSW lockdown by serving up what she calls "a kaleidoscope cacophony of colour".

Rowi's most recent beauty look series, titled "Transcend", plays on futuristic aesthetics, escapism and warping into another dimension. Which sounds like the perfect salve for times like these.

"I'm finding peace in the otherwordly," Rowi said on a recent Instagram post.

Negative space butterflies, burning planets, contour lines and black eyeliner inspired by ripped tights abound when scrolling through the series, proving that Rowi plays by her own rules.

LOOK THREE: Tania Kwok

Tania Kwok (aka @luciphyrr) keeps things fresh and fun with graphic linework and diffused eyeshadow the perfect balance of wacky yet wearable.

Born and raised in New Zealand and of Chinese heritage, Tania intersperses looks that celebrate milestone events in Chinese culture like Chinese New Year and the mid-autumn festival.

LOOK FOUR: Kicki Yang Zhang

Acting as a sweet reminder that spring is right around the corner is this playful, floral look by Kicki Yang Zhang.

The Berlin-based multihyphenate is an artist, beauty influencer and model who's discovered that just about anything can be turned into the perfect canvas.

Bending the realms of what's possible, a number of Kicki's looks render her virtually unrecognisable in a flurry of three-dimensional appliques, brightly colour wigs and masked out eyebrows.


Australian makeup artist Lou Rose has arguably the best brows we've seen in some time, and makes a strong case for regular brow laminations or brow soap.

Her feed is a melting pot of dynamic eye looks from geometric shapes painted up towards her temples to layers of squiggly eyeliner or accents of diamante, pearl or gem-like embellishments (sometimes a mixture of all three).

More is more is more is the rule of thumb here, especially where lashes and blush are concerned.

LOOK SIX: Rain Cornelius

You know the kind of soothing content where someone lightly grazes a rake over a box of sand? Well, Rain Cornelius' feed is the makeup equivalent to that.

Expect to kill at least an hour of your day watching her smoothly glide her paint-dipped brush around the contours of her eyes, creating colourful, exaggerated winged liner looks to suit any preference.

LOOK SEVEN: Lochie Stonehouse

Let's be real for a minute and acknowledge that *most* of local makeup artist Lochie Stonehouse's work is well out of our beauty remit, but his feed does contain a handful of looks we're game enough to try, including this layered liner look.

Lochie blurs the line between makeup and art form special-effects makeup comes to play with heavy embellishment for otherwordly looks that take the viewer to a different dimension entirely.

He's also flexed his prowess in the world of celebrity makeup and is the artist on speed dial for the likes of Troye Sivan, Lorde and Benee, not to mention a good friend of Viva.

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