Celebrity Makeup Artist Nikki DeRoest Shares Her Mood-Boosting Makeup Looks

By Ashleigh Cometti
The Bobbi Brown global artist jokes she has a "hit list" of celebrities she'd love to have sit in her makeup chair next. Photo / Supplied

Nikki DeRoest’s makeup looks are formulaic but never boring just ask her 243,000 Instagram followers.

She’s got the “LA glam girl” look down pat a glowing complexion, pops of monochromatic colour, and what she calls a “juicy” lip.

It’s one that’s cemented her reputation in the industry; earned her a place in the Bobbi Brown Global Artist In Residence programme back in 2019, and as the makeup artist on speed dial for the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid.

But in the post-pandemic wake, Nikki says an appetite for colourful, experimental makeup looks is returning including amongst her celebrity clientele.

A recent project with supermodel Behati Prinsloo called for purple glitter (and plenty of it).

“People like her are really fun to work with because they are willing to experiment with colour and different things,” Nikki says. “We were pulling out all the different coloured eyeliners and doing different pops of colour it was really fun.”

The Bobbi Brown Global Artist says it’s usually her Gen Z clientele who lean in to every colour of the rainbow, including TikTok influencer Addison Rae.

“Addison Rae always likes to have fun with makeup. It’s really fun because she’s at an age where she can go all out and transform based on the different types of makeup looks she tries,” Nikki says.

In terms of trends, Nikki explains lilac purple and rosy pink hues are making a comeback in a major way.

Neon shades continue to reign supreme for Gen Z’ers a colour family that can be polarising for some but Nikki says there are ways to dip your brush in the trend without going too overboard.

“Neon can be placed in ways that are a little more geometric. Instead of a full lid of neon yellow, try a little line here or a little dot there. There are ways to add little touches without going for a full look,” Nikki says.

A wash of soft shimmer all over the eye is a seamless way to work with pastels, or try a pop of something brighter on the centre of the eyelid for extra dimension.

“With some of my clients I’ll do a neutral wash of colour on the lid and then a colourful eyeshadow underneath. Maybe a little purple or blue,” Nikki reveals.

When it comes to her own makeup look, Nikki explains she keeps things mostly neutral, but does indulge in moments of play.

“I go for the same look every day. It’s almost like synchronicity between colours and products,” Nikki says.

“A nice pop of colour on the cheeks, glow that either comes from hydrating skincare or a creamy highlighter onto the high points of the cheeks, and then whatever colour blush I go for, I use the same colour family on the eyes and the lips.”

“It’s like the feel-good makeup. You look really fresh but it doesn’t look like you’re trying really hard. It flows together,” she says.

Nikki’s dewy canvas belies a curated makeup kit of glow-giving products by Bobbi Brown.

Her top picks include Pot Rouge, $58, a hydrating cream which lends a pop of colour to cheeks, eyes and lips; Luxe Metal Rose Eyeshadow Palette, $130, a palette which boasts warm, rosy tones; Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks, $66, for their staying power and blendability (Nikki adds Golden Bronze and Pink Sparkle are her go-to shades); and Extra Lip Tint, $65, for that "fresh, juicy lip you can put on without having to look in a mirror," Nikki says. "It's all easy, cool makeup."

The beauty industry chameleon (she can also add hairstylist and influencer to her CV) literally cut her teeth on client’s laps in her mother’s salon.

“She would put me on her client’s laps back when she was doing perms in the ‘80s,” Nikki laughs. From the salon to the schoolyard, Nikki would braid her teammates’ hair before games, so when it came time to graduate, it made sense that Nikki would follow in her mother’s footsteps in the beauty industry.

“It’s been really fun because I’ve gotten to work in every space within the industry. It’s exciting to be at this point in my career where I feel confident dabbling in a lot of different things,” she says.

Her career has been peppered with “pinch me” moments, including hosting a masterclass in London with more than 1000 guests. “The lucky part is that I still have that moment every time I work, which shows that I’m doing what I really love,” Nikki says.

“I really cherish every opportunity I get.”


Beauty muse? Always Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She’s just a joy inside and out.

Last beauty buy? Lisa Eldridge’s new highlighter. I love buying fellow artists' brands. Number one to support the artist, but I always know products coming from artists are going to be the best.

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Dream client? There are so many people. Every day I'm sending my agent faces. As a joke we call it The Hit List. This is so random but I've been watching this show called Mosquito Coast and it's the daughter [Logan Polish]. She has such a cool face I really want to do her makeup.

Holy Grail product? Everything is the Holy Grail! I think a great moisturiser and a great oil. Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base [$110] is my go-to moisturiser. I always get it stolen because everyone wants it. No matter what it sets your skin up for success.

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