Favourite Things: Felicity Donaldson of Wundaire

By Jessica Beresford
Prescription sunglasses. Picture / Supplied.

Collaboration is the key to Felicity Donaldson’s success, making a name for herself by crafting ceramic flatwear for wholefood blogger Unna Burch of The Forest Cantina, mugs for Grafton cafe Ceremony and diningwear for Dear Jervois in Herne Bay, among other projects.

Felicity’s interest in ceramics started as a hobby — making pots for plants in her own home — but quickly grew into a business she dubbed Wundaire. “[It’s] a fabricated word leaning toward the idea of wonder or wander, and the hand logo is the letter W in sign language, also encompassing the fact all products are handmade.”

Rather than using a wheel or slipcasting, Felicity makes the ceramics in her studio, using stoneware clay, which is bisque fired to 1000C or pit-fired, out at Bethells Beach.

“I use hand-building techniques that involve slab work, which is rolling the clay out much like pastry or pinching and coiling to achieve organic forms.”

The results are earthy, sometimes cosmic-looking ceramics, stamped with the signature Wundaire logo, which was another collaboration — designed by her graphic designer brother Hadley.

After travelling and living in Auckland for the past few years, Felicity has settled back home in Wellington, where she's working on expanding her business to include a range of planters and diningware available this spring.


1. Constellation projector
This was a Christmas present from my brother a few years ago. It came as a kitset, so putting it together was half the fun. It's serene and beautiful to lie under, probably the best present he has ever got me.

2. Old school science stool
This stool was in my primary school science lab, so it's really little! Mum was a teacher for many years, so I spent countless hours after school and on the weekends hanging out reading. It has been used as a plant stand, step stool, bedside table and has endearing childish graffiti on the underside.

Vintage kimono; Gig poster designed by my brother. Pictures / Supplied.
Vintage kimono; Gig poster designed by my brother. Pictures / Supplied.

3. Vintage kimono
I went into Asia Gallery in Penrose (formerly the kimono shop in Kilbirnie, Wellington) looking for a fine wool check kimono a few months ago and the selection there is so amazing I found exactly what I wanted. I had this jacket tailored by my amazing seamstress. It is treating me well this winter and will for many winters to come.

4. Gig poster designed by my brother
This poster is one of several I have by my brother. It's from a dreamy time of gig-going between 2007 and 2009 when Mighty Mighty was still around and Galesburg + Mystery Girl touring companies were bringing over the most excellent bands.

Blogger Felicity Donaldson in her home. Picture / Supplied.
Blogger Felicity Donaldson in her home. Picture / Supplied.

5. Prescription sunglasses
As a long-time glasses wearer it's so nice to have options when it comes to the frames, lenses and tint. Bonlook are my favourite. It's nice to be able to see all the leaves on the trees and the surf in the sunshine.

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