Major earthworks on a roundabout south of Whangārei are well under way with trees and vegetation removed and plans to reallocate a house.

A team of workers have been on site on State Highway 1 and the intersection of Loop Rd which is a project scheduled for completion in 2021.

House removalists will be on site in June to relocate the house at 518 Sate Highway 1. It is expected two wide loads will be needed to mover the house and once a date was confirmed the public would be notified.

NZ Transport Agency spokesman Darryl Walker said preloading at the corner of Loop Rd and SH1 involved building up the road to above the required level and then allowing it to settle under its own weight.


The same process was happening at the intersection with Portland Rd.

Walker said protecting the local waterways meant erosion and sediment controls had been put in place.

"The controls ensure any water that runs off the construction site doesn't affect the quality of the local waterways. The controls specific to this site are Decanting Earth Bunds, which are the two large 'ponds' in front of our site office."

Protecting local habitats was also key and before any vegetation or trees were removed, a specialist ecologist searched through the vegetation to see if there were any native lizards living in the area.

"This met our conservation and resource management obligations. If lizards were found, they would've been relocated so they're not affected by the work. Within this particular stage of the project, the ecologist didn't find any signs of lizards living in the vegetation."

Motorists were also encouraged to comply with the speed restrictions posted through the site to ensure the safety of construction workers.

At the end of last month the speed limit on SH1 was reduced to 80km/h between Toetoe Rd and Maungakaramea Rd south of Whāngārei.

The temporary speed limit would remain in place during the construction of the SH1 Loop Road Safety Improvements project, until the project was completed in 2021.


The section of SH1 between Loop Road/SH15 and Portland Rd has a temporary speed limit of 50km/h, which will also remain for the duration of construction.

Funded through the National Land Transport Fund, the $27 million safety project commenced construction in March.

Walker said these traffic team on site reported drivers were generally observing the speed limits through the site.

"The team thanks motorists and asks that you continue to observe these speed limits to help keep everyone safe and able to return home to whanau, family and friends at the end of the day."