Anyone can now get a taste of Rotorua's famous OGO track before stepping foot into one of the attraction's giant inflatable balls.

This week, 360-degree panoramic images of the 250m double-lane straight track are being launched on Google Street View.

The images were collected using the Google Street View Trekker - designed for use in locations only accessible by foot.

The Trekker is a backpack fitted with 15 camera lenses that collect images every 2.5 seconds and weighs in at about 18kg.


Anna Rogers from OGO said it was exciting to be featured on Google Street View.

"People can now check out our tracks and the stunning view over Rotorua before they get here. Our site is significant in that it is the birthplace of where this iconic NZ activity was invented back in 1997 and we now operate the largest downhill ball rolling park in the world."

The OGO track can now be seen on Google Street View. Photo / Supplied
The OGO track can now be seen on Google Street View. Photo / Supplied

OGO Rotorua joins other attractions to have imagery launched on Google Street View, including Fox Glacier, Punakaiki Rocks and the Church of the Good Shepherd in Tekapo.

Google helps New Zealand's tourism industry by expanding its online reach to almost every country in the world. Images of New Zealand's Great Walks were launched in 2015, and international visitors to some of the walks have increased by more than 25 per cent since then.

"Around 70 per cent of our visitors are international travellers and they are very tech savvy. Being featured on Google Maps will without a doubt increase the awareness of OGO Rotorua and drive more visitors to our location in their search for epic NZ adventures," Rogers said.

Check out the OGO track here.