Waihī Drama Society hasn't had a big-ticket show all year thanks to Covid-19.

So a great opportunity has come from the ruins of lockdown — the society is bringing Katikati Theatre's play Taking Off to Waihī's Boyd Rd Theatre for three nights next week.

Drama society president Simon Elson says Covid-19 has meant a big show of their own was off the cards for this year.

''We thought it would be an ideal time to bring a play over. It was an easy one to bring over and the space required is very similar.


''This way we have got something for locals to watch.''

Simon says they crossed over successfully a few years ago with Katikati Theatre's Family Spirit.

''The more crossover we can have, the better, we would love to see more people taking advantage of our theatre.''

Simon says they have still been busy this year.

''We have been quite involved with the open day, busy with the performance group (their production The Twits is coming to Boyd Rd Theatre later this month) and we have just had some improv classes.''

Waihī Drama Society aims to have a big show early next year.

Taking Off is a fun play by Kiwi playwright Roger Hall.

It's about four New Zealand women who decide to go on their overseas experience in later years.


Character Jan has recently been let go by her employer of 20 years, Frankie has won Lotto and dumps her husband and starts partying, Noeline is a caregiver on a working holiday building personal connections and Ruth is an aspiring novelist without the distractions of her philandering husband.

Taking Off is at Boyd Rd Theatre from September 11-13. Tickets are $20 and available from Waihī Stationery in Seddon St.