Te Puke Intermediate School's new agility course isn't easy - and it was never meant to be.

The course sets a challenge for students according to acting deputy principal Cam Black.

''It's not easy, it's going to be really challenging, which is what we were after,'' he says.
''It's designed at an appropriate level for intermediate students.''


Designed by Board of Trustees member Andy Wichers, the course tests various aspects of strength, speed and agility.

Obstacles are in pairs which means two students can race each other.

Among the obstacles are climbing ropes, a climbing net, a wall, balance logs and monkey bars.

Student leader Tempest Cassin says she has used the agility course a lot and has fun on it.

Marco Miln says he likes the fact that the course is set up to allow races while Leon Edmonds says the course is challenging and fun.

Cam says the agility course was used for Top School trials and will be used by the school's sports academies for conditioning and by the sports education classes.

The community is also welcome to use the course outside school hours.

''We'd like to see the community use it and look after it,'' he says.


Principal Jill Weldon says money raised at the school's Kia Kaha fun run were combined with a grant from the Lion Foundation, Board of Trustees funds and contributions from various businesses to pay for the course.

''Consultation was held with the school council around the sort of activities students wanted included,'' she says.

''Our sincere thanks and appreciation go to Andy on the Board of Trustees for the clever design work, the hours and effort he has put into creating an excellent course for the
school and community.

''Thanks also go to the many businesses who supported this project with either product or funds – Pukepine, Baygold, Hort Developers, Flare Fires, Hardies Fasteners, Vulcan Steel, Stainless Design and Conway and Carpenter.

Marco says he wants to thank the community for its help in ''making the school better and keeping us fit''.