If you're looking for a new fishing platform then a jetski could be the answer. Like many others, I came to jetski fishing from a kayak fishing background. I wanted a boat but, in all honesty, couldn't afford a decent one and those within budget didn't look capable of leaving the harbour safely! Enter the jetski. Within budget, powerful and stable; no longer than a kayak, easy to store and trailer to the boat ramp.

Rigging a jetski for fishing can be as simple or complex as you like. It is common practice to have a chilly bin mounted on the stern platform. This is a good idea because we want to keep the fish that we catch in perfect eating condition. Most people have rod holders attached to the chilly bin. Complete kits can be bought for $450 - $1400, but I have seen homemade setups that cost less and do the job.

You will need a fish finder with an integrated GPS chart plotter. I consider this essential safety equipment to help navigate harbours and bars. It is also indispensible for the styles of fishing that are commonly employed on a jetski. Fishing jigs and softies on the drift is the way to go. This is an active process. The fisherman is constantly on the move, using the sounder to find fish and features, and the chart plotter to locate areas of interest and revisit previously identified hotspots. In addition, you should always be on the lookout for other clues such as workups.

Basic safety equipment would include a lifejacket, VHF radio, phone, first aid kit and torch. I also carry a PLB, compass, flares and an emergency battery starter.


No vessel is perfect. If you're a die-hard bait and burley fisho, a boat is a better option. Lack of space on the ski makes it a messy affair and anchoring is a relatively complex process. Likewise, if you love fishing with friends and carrying tons of gear, a jetski is going to cramp your style. It also pays to remember that you are exposed on a ski and you are going to get a soaking if you go out in a big chop! That said, a jetski is a safe and fun way to bring home a feed of fish. I've had my ski for four years now and it's a pure fish-catching machine!