When you decide to get married, you are making a commitment. Not just to each other but declaring to the world that you are here for the long haul.

When a couple speaks their vows, they are stating that they will do what it takes - In sickness and health. Committing to your business in the same way helps you through the tough times. Because the real work begins after the honeymoon period!

Not to mention a business and a marriage are both life-changing - both require trust and respect. Both involve money and require you to work on them daily!

Here are 10 ways to increase your commitment levels to your business:


Register the business name - Nothing sings commitment like registering your business name. It screams 'I am here for the long term!'

Trademark - Full ownership of your love and dedication to your brand.

Exit strategy from your job - Making a plan and setting a date to commit to your business is motivating.

Invest money in marketing, advertising and coaching - Just like your wedding day, you want it to be memorable so take care when you are setting up and invest in your business.

Print flyers, banners and business cards - This helps with your professional image and your credibility.

Getting your car sign written - Definitely a declaration that you love what you offer!

Buy the domain name - Depending on the co.nz or the .com, it could cost a bit more. But if your future is world domination, investing in the .com is a great idea.

Plan revenue generating actions each day or week - This is a good habit to get into. Each day or week you should be mindful of how you are going to make money.

Open up bank accounts in your business name - This just gives you warm fuzzies when you go online. Makes it all feel like a real commitment.

Email all your friends and family letting them know about your business and any new additions!

Natalie Tolhopf is a business coach and founder of Natalie Tolhopf.com, helping business owners to smash through imperfection and mindless scrolling, to create a business of simplicity through action and intuition.