I was chatting with two clients today about Valentine's Day, curious to know what their 'buy in' with this occasion is. Both had a fairly understated tone about it, saying that it wasn't really a big deal; a nice dinner at home and a fresh flower from the garden would be gratefully received!

I remember working in the fashion industry with a bunch of good-looking and amazing girls.

Valentine's Day would roll around annually and it would be the same girl on the receiving end of glorious bouquets of roses and chocolates - you could almost guarantee when the delivery came in, it was not yours!

By recommendation, I jumped onto Google to find out what the story really is after a client 'sold' me her interpretation of it and, I must admit, I am plesantly surprised at how light-hearted the energy of Valentine's Day is. I can hand-on-heart say that I'm usually very 'anti' the commercial hype of it all.


Apparently, one account from the 1400s: St Valentine was a Catholic priest beheaded for helping Christian couples wed. Valentine's derives from the latin word 'Valentinus', meaning worthy, strong, powerful.

How much do you know about St Valentine? Whatever it is to you, I mostly enjoyed the idea that we celebrate this day in honour of loving and of romance. The festival of love as it's referred to in some countries.

Whether or not you jump on the love wave this Valentine's Day, my spirit of love goes out to you all to enjoy and love you first and foremost! Treat yourself with the same kind of celebration you would another and then include the other(s). What if you could acknowledge your worthiness, strength and power today?

This has been fun to write about, as I originally began writing about 'How to Avoid Divorce'! What a contrast!

Happy Valentine's Day to you folks! Enjoy your February!