A New Zealand Miscellany edited by Kate De Goldi & Susan Paris (Hardback $39.95)

A contemporary take on the much-loved annuals of the past, this book is aimed at 9 to 13 year olds but will intrigue readers of all ages. After the success of last year's Annual, author Kate De Goldi has once again gathered together a beautiful collection of all-new works from New Zealand's best writers, illustrators, and poets. Annual 2 is bursting with stories, essays, interviews, poems, comics, and amazing works of art. Within its pages you will find the unexpected, including a new song by Bic Runga. This brilliant collection is full of ideas that will inspire any young writer.



The New Zealand Story Written and Illustrated by Gavin Bishop. (Hardback $39.95)

'A truly special book, Aotearoa: The New Zealand Story deserves a space on every bookshelf, to be taken off and pored over, thumbed and treasured, time and again' This message appears on the back of this book and as you turn the pages you have to agree that this is a book that is a must have for every home, every library, every school.

Every page opens to a new topic and I learnt more New Zealand history from this book than I thought possible. If there is one book you should have in the family library, this is it.

PRODUCT REVIEW - Chemistry: Happy Atoms

When I was first shown Happy Atoms in a catalogue I had to get them in, and they did not disappoint. This physical and digital teaching tool that lets you discover the world of molecules in an intuitive, hands-on way.

Create molecules from the plastic atom models, connecting with the magnetic bonds. Discover your molecules identity by scanning them with the app, then explore their real world properties. Chemistry has never been more interesting and safe, only wish I had this when I was at school.

PRODUCT REVIEW Construction: Matador

Matador is a construction set with wooden blocks that get connected through wooden pins. The blocks have holes to fit the pins.

The idea was generated over 100 years ago: a father watched his children getting frustrated while playing with wooden blocks; any complex structure they tried to build simply collapsed. Being an engineer, he designed a wooden toy construction set made of blocks that could be connected with wooden pins. The idea took off and has delighted many generations of children.

The possibilities are almost limitless, from static models to moving machines. Matador will encourage your child to put together their own ideas.

Matador is now available exclusively from Storytime, come and have a look at our acrobat – he never gets tired!