Spring/summer 2017 creations have been rocking retail clothing floors since July. While you've been sifting through racks of winter rejects, bad buys and late arrivals, spring and summer have been quietly accumulating.

We've gone very green when it comes to clothing this season.

For the natural fibre girl, linen is back in every gorgeous colour of white, neutral, khaki and bold that you can find. Straight-leg or cropped pants scream comfort, with waistlines that invite a half-tucked top, relaxed style dresses focus on colour and comfort rather than form and tunic tops with V necklines or cowl, egg-shaped or swing by labels such as Marco Polo, Chalet and Sabatini are musts.

The bright floral dress is making an exciting fashion come- back, reinforced by media stylist for the majority of female presenters - and not to forget Nigella our Emily and Finn Queen in her fitted to the waist floral explosion dress with full skirt and pockets - gloriously 50's 'Beach Hop'.


The Vassalli jean skirt is the new short this season. It ticks the same boxes. Hits just on the knee and in cotton/spandex mix is tried and true 'running out the door' comfort, with sporty pockets and bold-patterned or plain combinations. Match them with that little cotton t shirt and you're rocking!! Cotton, cotton and more cotton - beats that sticky, fluro, sequinned, polyester any day.

There's a hint of nostalgia for the 70's this season with the resurgence of the muslin smock top, complete with embellished bodice over full gathers from 'I Say;' and the off-the-shoulder peasant top reminiscent of Carnaby Street or Kings Road days, elasticated for permanent comfort. Also hinting 70's and a baby boomers delight, is the cold shoulder look featured in both dresses and tops which emphasises the very best angle of any aged arm. Thank goodness too for the reappearance of a longer-line dress, fitted or relaxed - didn't we call it a 'midi' in the 70s?

Yes, in the fashion world we embrace natural fibres: cotton, linen, viscose, rayon, silk, merino, hemp ... in the fashion world we embrace green.