Would you consider being a broadcast point for something different in your environment? In the world?

I have just returned from teaching seminars in Noumea where there are pretty severe bush fires. Yet, the people I met are the embodiment of the joy of being alive. There's a space available that they are being, that's greater than the destruction occurring around them.

That got me looking at how we can inspire and affect change in the world by not buying into the suffering that is occurring around us. Recognise it yes, acknowledge it yes, but what if we didn't have to go to the heavy place and suffer with people because of their suffering? Does that give them a life line or bury them in it some more?

What if, you could instead be a space of possibilities, tuning people into what else is available, what else is possible, for them to choose, without joining them in the suffering? If we are looking for sustainability in the world, and in our own lives, we are going to need to do something different individually and collectively.


Just recognise that you, we, are crucial to the possibilities of the world by being a greater embodiment of being alive. We live on this planet together, we live in this world together. In my view, what the world requires more of is your joy!

As my friend Dain Heer asks, what will you choose? The Tuning Fork of Possibilities or the Pitchfork of This Reality?*

*Inspired by Dain Heer of Access Consciousness©