If you have wandered through the Bank and Cameron Sts walkway through to Farmers via the Quest Hotel in the past year you have may have noticed a constant selection of art works displayed on the large foyer walls. This is the Quest Art Space, a not-for-profit community-based collaboration between Creative Northland and the Quest Hotel, Whangarei.

Curator Andrea Eve Hopkins says the space is a walkway that feels like a no pressure art gallery. "We have some amazing artists in Northland. Some people think one has to travel to Auckland or Wellington galleries to see and buy fine arts. I would like to help change that perception. We have it all here." Andrea is also an artist and says she has had shows in big commercial city galleries for years, but some of her friends and whanau wouldn't go into them because they felt out of place. "They didn't feel they could take their children and prams or they felt pressured from salespeople to buy. There is none of that here. The work is on the walls with information alongside about the art and the artists. You can take your time. Come and go as you please. There is no one telling you how you should feel about the artwork. It's a great place for emerging artists and community groups trying to raise funds for local projects."

The Paper Mill will be exhibiting in October followed by Habitat for Humanity's exhibition "The Power of Shelter". There is the opportunity to buy works either using the QR codes on artist profiles or via the newly-created Quest Art Space Facebook Shop. Contact Andrea on 021 041 9866 for more information or if you would like to book the space

The Quest Art Space works alongside our region's other galleries to support local emerging and established artists, all of which can be found in Creative Northland's newly published 'Northland Art Guide'. The guide is available from the Auckland Airports and at tourist spots, galleries, i-SITES, accommodation providers and libraries throughout Northland.