After looking to buy a house for months, Samuel and Sheree Arnet finally gave up, instead deciding to buy a section and build new.

"When we did find something that we were happy to buy and do up, it nearly always ended up being a multi-offer, and we missed out time and time again," Samuel Arnet said.


"We'd been looking for a bit over a year at houses and were trying to look at the under $400,000 mark ... but there wasn't really anything. We felt like all these properties were too expensive for what they were giving.


"We thought for that money we may as well buy and build brand new as opposed to buy, do it up and still be left with an old house."

There are only two sections left in Arohanui Parade. Photo / Stephen Parker
There are only two sections left in Arohanui Parade. Photo / Stephen Parker

The Arnets have just gone unconditional on a section in the Arohanui Parade subdivision on Vaughan Rd.

They hope to get the title for the section in October and, after a four to six-month build, move in by April next year.

"We weren't under pressure to find somewhere to move into straight away and that helped but it's a bit of a downside having to wait."

Arnet said a benefit to building new was that they knew the whole history of the house.

He said although buying a section and building a new home was more expensive than buying an older, existing house, the couple negotiated for the section and managed to buy it for $205,000.

"It's a nice area and it was in the price range we could afford.

"But it's been a learning experience."