Rose Andrew had to act quickly to buy the house she wanted.

She viewed the Pukehangi Rd house one day and the next she had signed a contract.

"I did have to act really quickly. It was a matter of making a phone call at the right time and asking the right question. As soon as I saw the house I jumped on it as quickly as I could."

The house Andrew bought was originally part of three for sale on one lot but she only wanted the one.


"I fell in love with the front house and asked if the seller would sell the front house by itself."

Andrew said the Pukehangi location was a bonus but the house was what she was looking for and in the right price range.

"I'd been looking for three months and I'd put in two other offers but they went too quickly," she said.

"We know how quickly the market can move. We had to get in quick."

The home is Andrew's second and a downsize, She paid "around $320,000" for it.

"It seems to me that is the really popular market. A lot of people seem to have that budget."

Andrew said she had to be "cash-ready" when shopping around so when she found the right house she could act quickly.

She bought the house through Ray White and said it helped having an agent who knew what she was looking for and her budget.


"We wanted to make sure we had everything lined up and it wasn't going to be subject to finance or anything, we could just go in."