When Carole Taylor moved to Rotorua a year ago she knew she wanted to buy a home and "set her roots down".

At the end of December she made that wish a reality, winning a multi-offer on a Fairy Springs house.

"I started looking at what was on offer as soon as I moved here. I was able to work out which areas I wanted to live in and what types of properties were selling," Taylor said.

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"Then last month I saw this house on Trade Me and called the agent who told me that day was the deadline for applications so I made up my mind there and then to put my application in."

She said being in a multi-bid offer was "a bit scary, but exciting".

"It was amazing finding out I had won. I've never won anything this big before. I couldn't believe it.

"It's nice to be able to put my roots down in Rotorua. I've always wanted to move to Rotorua because I've got family here."

Carole Taylor is pleased she's been able to
Carole Taylor is pleased she's been able to "put her roots down" in Rotorua. Photo/Ben Fraser

Taylor said the price she paid for the property was "fair and a true reflection of the market".

"The people I dealt with made the whole process so easy, especially because I didn't know what I was doing. They were so helpful and friendly.

"I wouldn't have wanted to wait any longer to buy a house, not the way the market is at the moment."