Lynmore homeowner Kelly Albrecht thought selling her five-bedroom home would be a breeze in today's market.

But things haven't proved to be all smooth sailing.

"Early in the piece we decided to sell privately," Mrs Albrecht said.

"The home we have purchased was right at the tip of our budget so we needed to get us much from the sale of the Lynmore home as we could."


Posting the listing on Facebook, Mrs Albrecht said friends and family assured her the $400,000 property would be sold in no time.

"Our first open home attracted 20 groups from which we received five offers. I picked the best deal but it unfortunately fell through due to finance.

"Within two days of relisting the home, it was back under contract. However, that deal has also fallen through due to finance."

Mrs Albrecht said she almost wanted to put a ban on first-time buyers looking at the house.

"These buyers get pre-approval but lending criteria seems to be getting stricter and then they are told no. I believe the criteria is putting a lot of first time buyers off entering the property market."

She said her home sat on the border of a first home but was also receiving a lot of attention from other buyers wanting a two/three bedroom property.

"They're telling me there's nothing out there in the two/three bedroom market but that our home falls just outside their price bracket."

She said, knowing what she does now, she would absolutely go with an agent next time around.

"It's been a pretty stressful exercise, in my books real estate agents earn their commission.

"But despite the weekly calls from agents, I've paid out a decent amount of money for signs and listings, so I'll keep going and hope it sells soon."