Only 19 feedback submissions were lodged to the council's Spatial Plan Discussion Document, it has been revealed.

At a Rotorua Lakes Council Strategy, Policy and Finance Committee meeting yesterday group manager strategy Jean-Paul Gaston presented a report on the document's feedback.

About 1000 people were engaged through workshops, meetings and the council website when the draft spatial plan was released for consultation.

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Council satisfaction survey release imminent


However the council received only 19 submissions from the public.

One of the key areas for discussion was the recognition of Rotorua as a medium growth area, meaning our projected growth falls between the 5-10 per cent mark.

Rotorua is projected to grow 7.2 per cent in the 10 years between 2013 and 2023.

The new status for growth adds additional requirements to the spatial planning process.

The council will now require an additional 20 per cent margin of land that is feasible for development when changing zoned areas.

"Community development is still at the forefront," Mr Gaston said.

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14 Jul, 2017 4:39pm
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"We have adequate resourcing.

"As an organisation we're aligning ourselves to get the things completed."

Councillor Charles Sturt said he was more ambitious than just medium growth.

"I think it's possible if we get the infrastructure right."

The other main area for discussion was the proposed housing accord between Rotorua Lakes Council and the Government.

The accord divided the council with some concerns over their lack of involvement in the process and a lack of resources to complete both the spatial plan and accord decisions before August.

Councillors will hold a workshop in August for further discussion on the spatial plan and housing accord.