Don't make any other plans these school holidays before booking tickets to the latest Blue Baths stage show.

This isn't some kind of ad for the latest instalment from the talented performers at the Blue Baths.

It's more that every child in Rotorua needs to hear the important lessons Felix The Fearless Dog carefully portrays amid the hilarious and entertaining show.


The heart of the show delivers a message of self-belief and being kind. Most children in their lives will have to deal with bullying issues - whether as a perpetrator or a victim - making this show a must-see.

Naomi Cohen (Scritch the cat) and Awatea Waiariki (Felix the dog). Photo / Supplied
Naomi Cohen (Scritch the cat) and Awatea Waiariki (Felix the dog). Photo / Supplied

The show is the brainchild of the extraordinary talent of Darlene Mohekey.

As writer, director, musical director and choreographer she has carefully woven a story mixed with popular songs, slick dancing and jokes that not only send kids into hysterics but adults too (thanks to some careful wording).

Playing the hilarious Nanny the goat, Mohekey captured the young audience's attention right from the intro.

What followed was 70 minutes of pure entertainment from the cast featuring Mohekey (Nanny a goat, Naomi Hambell a pig, Spikes a weta and a pink bat), Naomi Cohen (Buttercup a cow and Scritch a cat), Caleb Jago-Ward (Pavatrotti a horse, Tuati Tui a tui and Stix a weta), Bronwyn Turei (Tyra Shanks a lamb, Tuiti Tuatara a tuatara and Mean L'Teefa a rat), Estevez Gillespie (Percy a pigeon, Steven a caterpillar, Terrance a weta, Philip Fleeeman a possum and a pink bat) and Awatea Waiariki (Felix the dog).

The cast of Felix The Fearless Dog. Photo / Supplied
The cast of Felix The Fearless Dog. Photo / Supplied

Special mention to Ian Harman for set and costume design and costume construction and Mohekey's mother, Julie Mohekey for costume construction.

The level of detail in the costumes is first class and their hard work was summed up with the ooos and ahhhs from the crowd as Steven the caterpillar burst on to the stage displaying he had now become a butterfly.

I took my 4-year-old twins and they were captivated from beginning to end.


All they way home they were chanting the show's messages they were "amazing, they are brave and they are strong".

Typically it didn't take long before a tiff broke out and I overheard one say to the other "don't do that, you have to be kind, remember".

That sums up why you must go.

Felix The Fearless Dog
• School holiday shows run 10.30am every day (except Sunday, July 14)
• At Blue Baths, Rotorua
• Tickets are $15 and can be purchased online
• The show is suitable for all ages from preschoolers to the elderly
• For more information call 07 350 2119.