Is it legal for Rotorua Lakes Council to charge more than one individual for parking in the same space at the same time?

That is what the pay and display system does.

With coin meters a person who is parking feeds in the amount of money for the time they expect to occupy the space.

If they paid for, say, an hour, but only stayed for 20 minutes, usually another parker using that space next would gain advantage of the remaining time that has already been paid for.

If the parker does not pay or takes longer than anticipated then an infringement notice is issued and the council still gets rewarded for the space being used.

However, with the pay and display system, if a parker does not stay for the full time paid for, then the next person using that space gains nothing from the earlier departure and pays again for the use of the same time already paid for.

Garry Owen


I read Lizzie Marvelly's column in the Rotorua Daily Post (June 2) waiting for the point or pay off of it but was left feeling that I had spent minutes of my own busy schedule reading someone's part CV, part opening up of the heart, part diary and part sob story. A waste of space from the (extraordinarily busy) reliable Ms Marvelly.

William Wright

Last night our homeless slept on the streets in the cold while there were at least 10 marae, with dining rooms, sleeping rooms with mats and blankets, empty around Rotorua.

Why does the council have to provide shelter when it's already there? Our Government gives out big payments to iwi, so give some back by opening your marae to our people.

Chriss Taylor

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