Regarding the Long Term Plan, it's about time we can see what's happening. It's great to see the museum finally gets a mention, having been closed since 2016.

This is real history we are talking about and the children of Rotorua deserve a museum to see how far their city has come over the years.

This plan is a 10-year plan, but I hope the museum gets priority over Kuirau Park, which seems to always have work being done. Sure, it definitely needs a new toilet and changing room facility, but that would about cover it for now. It looks fine with all the work already carried out of late.

Of course, now the rates will go up 7.86 per cent ... I'm hoping most of this doesn't go on salary increases within the council, and 3.09 per cent for businesses. Hopefully, all those green corridors taking up all the parking will be done away with, so businesses in the central city get some custom to pay for the rates increase.

Now I ask, when does the work on the museum start? or will the council wait another few years so costs will have increased?



Library 'pretentious'

I agree with the concerns of other correspondents about the 'new' Rotorua District Library.

It is pretentious, with too much open, unused space, and a paucity of useful books. And I will add that I am disturbed by the apparent reduction of holdings in the science and technology categories.

As for the prominence given to neo-Maori pidgin, frankly, I find it an insult to cultured people.