I have been to Te Manawa and the Sunday market, though I was too late for the official opening.

It is great to see the construction almost finished. The Sunday market has excellent stalls and a good vibe. However, I have two concerns.

After great expense to re-open the intersection to through traffic, the traffic has to be stopped to enable the Sunday market to trade. A wee bit ironic!!

And no shade. Can the shade sails that were over the City Focus be re-installed? They also provided some shelter on wet days. With summer coming and climate change they will certainly be needed.


I look forward to a constant daily buzz of community activity in Te Manawa and visiting again to buy more local produce another Sunday.


Appreciate Rotorua

Why do the sad whingers in our community find it so necessary to vent their negativity in the daily papers?

We have a beautiful city with so many assets, so much diversity and so many activities and beautiful places to enjoy. Our council does a marvellous job but constantly has to defend its actions and how its spend our rates. How tedious to hear complaints about the footpaths, board walks, cycling tracks, roads, roundabouts, playgrounds, gardens, city beautification etc.

Looking at the worldwide scene, we are so fortunate to have all of the above, and more.

Try negotiating around a city that has no footpaths, has open sewers, ankle deep rubbish, no trees or gardens, so many cars, traffic lights that don't work, cats and dogs to dodge, shoulder to shoulder people and a very slim chance of seeing a clear sky.

Come on whingers. Wake up and smell the roses and try appreciating what we have, and keep your whinging to yourself.