Teachers certainly deserve a big pay rise.

The amount of work that goes into teaching these days and just what teachers have to put up with is phenomenal.

They are not only teachers but their position also involves support to families, counselling and even making sure their students are fed.

They don't get to switch off at 3.30, as a lot of people assume, but work well into the night and through weekends and holidays.


Parliamentarians certainly don't deserve a wage rise! Or all their perks!

A pay rise should be given to teachers. The backbone of our society!


One hundred years ago in 1917 a battle was fought in a then little-known area of Europe - Passchendaele. The battle raged from July to November, the estimated (no one knows for sure!) casualties 300,000 British (Kiwis, Aussies, Canucks included) 400,000 Germans.

Among the British troops was my grandfather (on my mother's side) - fortunately he survived, and I remember him telling me, "It is a good thing to remember the heroism and sacrifice of the men who fought and died in that awful battle, but we must also remember the crass stupidity of the generals on both sides who were solely responsible for the debacle that took so many young lives".

To that I would also add "the politicians who allowed it to start in the first place"!