We asked CBD businesses along the Green Corridor if they saw people using it and what they thought about it, two years after opening.

No, we don't see people using it. It was a good idea, but in reality it wasn't done as well as it could have been. They were early to the game, and eventually when electric bikes take off it may get used more.
Mountain Bike Rotorua

I've never used it, I don't really see anyone using it. We see all the riders using the footpath. We're not a bustling town, it'd be better for them to share the footpath and widen the road so we can get parking back. There are people who can't find a park around here.
Drapes by Design

I have probably seen six or seven people using it in the last two years and the street is suffering from the lack of parking. I wouldn't mind it if it was actually being used.
Rock Solid Backpackers


You never see anybody on the thing. We've got kids that come racing through with their bikes on the weekends, but they don't actually stay on the right side, so somebody is going to get hurt. We have a lot of people complaining that there's no carparks.

I would love to say yes, but no it hasn't. To be honest we don't see any people going around on bikes. I'd like to see taxpayers' money going where it's needed.
Robert Harris

It's a big flop. I've never seen a cycle on it. The council spent heaps of money for no use. There's not enough signage for people to know it's a bike lane.

I don't know, I have to say not a lot of cyclists use it. But, we do see the rollerblading ladies and children on their scooters. I do think it's a great idea to keep bikes off the footpath, and I am often having to tell people it is a cycle lane.
Rotorua Antiques and Collectables

No. We've lost 30 car parks. We made a long-term commitment to being a local business but this has created ongoing drama for us and it's not even used.
Knox Engravers