I am again pounding the roads in Rotorua in training for the Rotorua Marathon on May 6.

I am very disappointed and disgusted at the rubbish along the many roads I have walked, particularly along Vaughan Rd and Te Ngae Rd. The area from the Sudima Hotel to Sulphur Flats which is the last section before heading towards Government Gardens to the finish line. All along that stretch is a constant littering of rubbish strewn amongst the shrubbery. Obviously intentionally dropped by people walking, running or cycling or thrown from moving vehicles.

What a way to showcase Rotorua! Not only as it is the last stretch of the Rotorua Marathon but a disgrace any time of year. How can we get people to take pride, not only in Rotorua, but other parts of New Zealand. Littering is happening everywhere and appears to be normalised as an acceptable habit?



Children riding on the footpath

Re editorial (April 10) 'Children safer riding on footpath'.

Children are not safer when riding on footpaths, not even with adults. Adults have no control over their children when on the bikes or scooters. Children don't hear above the noise of the traffic when a car backs out of the driveway. The driver mostly has no way of seeing a small child behind a hedge or wall. Please teach your children to walk! Carefully. Better for them.

For devilment if on their own, [children] will dash across the driveway to beat the driver. There will always be one or two breakaway. Who's going to clean up the mess once again. Ambulance/police/driver?

Roads or footpaths around Rotorua can all be dangerous to anyone on bikes. So many people from out of town.

Parents are not always with their children going to school or coming home. Police Inspector Stuart Nightingale is so right in saying what he says. Who is going to watch these children get run over?

Stephanie Arthur-Worsop should go and watch these children for a few weeks before and after school.

Small children should not be out of the gate without an adult who can keep up. All should walk!