The public are now able to have their say about the proposed options for future management of Marguerita St.

Earlier this month Rotorua district councillors approved the decision get community feedback on three recommended options for traffic management and road safety improvements on Marguerita St.

As part of its role in managing the local road network, the council continuously monitors traffic load, types, behaviours, and impact on surrounding neighbourhoods.

Following recent land development and feedback from residents regarding the mixed traffic use of Marguerita St, the council said it was now the appropriate time to review the road use and function.


The council has consulted with some of the residents who live on or near the street and is now extending that consultation to businesses in the area as well as the wider community.

There are three recommended options:

Status quo – keep the road as it is. Council would continue to monitor and enforce parking issues.

Reduce traffic speed, volume of traffic and vehicle movements by installing traffic management features e.g. chicanes or narrowing the road at the residential end of Marguerita St.

Remove the ability to travel through Marguerita St. This would mean closing the road by installing back-to-back cul-de-sacs at a midway point (approximately the location of Vetora).

People can submit their feedback via the council's online engagement hub Let's Talk/Korero Mai. Visit to learn more about the proposal and to submit your feedback.

Alternatively feedback can be sent to or can be provided over the phone by calling our Customer Centre on 07 348 4199.