A dozen frozen chooks, 15 litres of ice cream and a security camera are among the items stolen from a local not-for-profit homeless advocacy.

LoveSoup, an organisation that feeds and provides wrap-around services for the city's homeless, has been targeted in a spate of thefts over the past few months.

Owner Elma Peiffer said he and his wife, Gina, put their heart and souls into the organisation and were "gutted" to know someone had targeted them.

Peiffer said he had gone to get ready for their nightly dinner service on Tuesday night when he noticed the freezer had been left unlocked.


He was shocked to find upwards of 10 cream cakes missing, two frozen chickens and two tubs of ice cream gone.

He said he went to check the footage to find the culprits had taken their security camera too.

But Tuesday night's theft was not the first for them.

Over the past few months, food had been stolen quite regularly.

Peiffer said it was disheartening as they provided free food for the community and the homeless 364 days a year.

"Food is always available... why take it?"

Not only that, but Peiffer would have to pay for a brand new security system and locks out of his own pocket.

It just added to the workload for the couple and was unnecessary, he said.


He had not reported the thefts to the police as many people went in and out of the kitchen.