The father of a Rotorua student hit by a van on Malfroy Rd says his son is the "luckiest boy on the planet" to still be here.

The Rotorua Intermediate School student was hit by a van near the intersection of James St and Malfroy Rd just after 3pm yesterday.

The boy's father, who asked not to be named, said his 12-year-old son had been involved in the "nasty accident" while scootering home from school. He recalled the moment his son's friend rode up to tell him what happened and rushing to the scene as the "scariest five minutes of my life".

He said he saw emergency services and the road closed and immediately thought the worst.


The boy needed "a head full of staples" to patch up the 20cm wound he had got from being struck, he said.

After a stressful night at the hospital, his son was discharged this morning.

Although his young boy was "traumatised" from the incident, he just wanted time with his parents today, he said.

Rotorua Intermediate School principal Garry de Thierry told the Rotorua Daily Post at the time of the incident, the young boy had been with a number of classmates and it had been an "unfortunate accident".

"He wasn't doing anything reckless."

De Thierry said he would be meeting the boy's classmates this morning to see what sort of support they may need and the school councillors would be on-hand for them.

He said the students had been learning about road safety since primary school, so it was more a case of encouraging them to be aware and minimise distraction.

Students can be chatting to mates or have their headphones plugged in, meaning they can sometimes forget their surroundings, he said.


As the school holidays approach, he said it was a timely reminder for all students that these things do happen and remaining aware at all times was vital.

Last night ( a post on the Rotorua Intermediate School Facebook page said "A RIS student was involved in an accident with a vehicle as he was walking home after school today."

"His parents have been in contact with (Rotorua Intermediate Principal) Mr de Thierry. He is ok and recovering well."