Children have the opportunity to take part in fishing fun and make special memories at the Kids Fish Out.

The first of this year's Kids Fish Out sessions is being held on August 4 at the Fish and Game grounds on Paradise Valley Rd.

Fish and Game officer Mark Sherburn says Kids Fish Out gives children between the ages of 6 and 14 the opportunity to catch a rainbow trout.

Children need to be pre-booked to guarantee a spot but no experience or fishing gear is needed.


A $5 donation is requested to help fund the event and the children get a special trout license to fish.

Experienced anglers from the Rotorua Anglers Association will teach them how to use a fly rod.

Mark says there is a big pond with 1500 trout that are a nice size for children's fishing at the hatchery

The anglers will accompany the children to catch a fish, which will then get weighed and the children will receive a certificate with the weight of the fish on it.

"They get to catch what is usually their first trout ever, and get to take it home and hopefully cook and eat it.

"It's all fly fishing which is a good challenge for the kids and most of them love it.

"They get looked after by the anglers who will encourage them and every child gets one-on-one personal instruction."

Every child is guaranteed to leave with a trout.


Mark says the hope from Fish and Game and the association's point of view is that the event will spark an interest in fishing for the children.

"Some of the young kids already fish but still want to come along. For others, it's their first time getting to fish.

"I think it's a great activity for getting children outdoors."

He says technology is great but he thinks a lot of children are missing out on some wonderful outdoor life experiences.

Mark says fishing teaches patience and you have to put time and effort in to get a result, which is a great skill to teach youngsters.

He says hopefully the experience will also give children a special appreciation of where their fish comes from.

He says Fish & Game is hugely grateful to the Rotorua Anglers Association and local businesses Rainbow Springs and Kilwell for their continued support.

The Kids Fish Out events have now been going for 43 years.

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2019 dates for Kids Fish Out
- August 4
- September 8
- October 6
- November 3