There is now less than a month until 20 Rotorua figures will put their nerves aside, step into the spotlight onstage and wow the audience with their ballroom moves - all for a great cause.

Dance couples have been training hard to go from dance amateurs to whirling superstars, and to put on a spectacular night of dancing to raise money for Rotorua Hospice.

This year's Harcourts Dancing for Hospice is taking place on August 10 at the Energy Events Centre.

The event is back for its fourth consecutive year, with a name change.


The goal of the evening is to raise more than $100,000 to enable Hospice to care for and support more than 420 patients with a terminal illness each year.

Lisa Pauling, both Hospice Rotorua administration/event co-ordinator and a dancer in this year's show, says it is exciting and crazy to be a month out from the fourth year of Harcourts Dancing for Hospice.

"I'm looking forward to another amazing night of entertainment with 20 local people giving it their all.

"It's also special to watch the crowd's encouragement and enthusiasm for each dance couple.

"Practices are ramping up with each couple fine tuning their dance and adding extra showcase moves."

This year's Harcourts Dancing for Hospice dancers. Photo / Supplied
This year's Harcourts Dancing for Hospice dancers. Photo / Supplied

Lisa says the organising is falling into place with the help and generosity of the sponsors and local business.

She says it has been good seeing the dancing from both sides, and it is amazing the time the tutors and dancers give.

"It has been fun getting to know the other dancers - 20 people who's paths may not normally cross and are part of an extended dance whānau.


"I've got to see first-hand exactly what each dancer gives of their time, energy and step counting.

Lisa says her colleagues at Hospice are exceptionally encouraging and positive, and always asking for a demo.

The money raised from this fundraiser is vital, she says.

"This is so we can keep delivering our service the way we do - accessible to everyone in our community with a life-limiting illness."

She says Harcourts Dancing for Hospice is Rotorua's most glamorous event of the year, the one night not to be missed.

"A spectacular evening is had by all. It is amazing to see the transformation of 10 couples who have started with limited or no dance experience to put themselves out there for Hospice.

"The staff at Hospice find it very humbling the way the community gets behind the event."

Dance instructor and choreographer Troy Smith says practices have been going good and the couples are coming along well with their routines.

He says they are all done and dusted with creating choreography, and now it is about fine-tuning the performances.

"They are working hard and hopefully everything goes to plan."

Troy says he enjoys the journey of watching people who come in the door and say " I can't dance, I can't do it", and then within weeks love it and are going good.

"I'm excited and it should be a great show. Hopefully we raise a lot again for Hospice."

Lisa says Rotorua Hospice has managed to increase the table numbers this year and there are still a few remaining for sale.

There is still allocated seating available in the terraces too. Both of these options can be bought through Ticketmaster at the Events Centre.

The details
- What: Harcourts Dancing for Hospice
- When: August 10, 5.30pm to 11pm
- Where: Energy Events Centre
- Tickets: Ticketmaster online or in the office at Energy Events Centre