Trail bike riders in the Fordlands area breaking the law are again causing grief for Rotorua police.

Rotorua police acting area controller Inspector Brendon Keenan said the riders were usually doing one or a combination of illegal activities, including riding stolen bikes, speeding, riding on reserves or not wearing helmets.

In the past police said they had information those riding trail bikes were delivering drugs.

Keenan said they didn't have any new information to suggest that was still the case but they wanted the opportunity to stop the riders to find out.

Map / Google
Map / Google

"We are urging the public to contact us as soon as they see them and report them. If for some reason we can't get there immediately, at least we will have a record of it and will be able to build a case to be in the area more frequently."

Inspector Brendon Keenan. Photo / File
Inspector Brendon Keenan. Photo / File

He said the message was "see something, do something".

"Also everyone has got phones these days so don't be scared to take photos of people up to this kind of stuff."

Truanting burglars

Police suspect a small gang of children wagging school are behind a recent rise in burglaries and thefts from cars in the Ōwhata area.

Keenan said there had been a recent increase in thefts and burglaries in the McKenzie Rd area of Ōwhata during the past week.

Map / Google
Map / Google

He said anyone who spotted young people aged between 10 and 14 hanging around in groups in those areas during school hours should contact police.

Tourists targeted

Visitors parking their cars in the Froude St, Union St and Long Mile Rd areas of Rotorua need to take extra care.

Keenan said vehicles in those areas were being targeted during the past week.

"People need to lock their valuables away or make sure they are not left in their cars and also be mindful of parking their cars somewhere where there is a natural guardian, like people walking around or a shop, somewhere that's not isolated."