A local Rotorua mum is welcoming the huge investment into mental health services in the 2019 Budget.

Earlier this week Jo Keefe told the Rotorua Daily Post she hoped the Budget would address mental health so she's happy it did just that, announcing a $1.9 billion total Mental Health package.

"Everyone has been personally touched or known someone affected by mental health issues.

"It's a long overdue investment."


As a single mum, Keefe also welcomed news the Government would give decile 1 to 7 schools a $150 per student payment if they got rid of voluntary donations.

"Personally at the school my daughter is at I pay that, there's no pressure for parents that don't but it's good schools will definitely get that money."

However Keefe said she hadn't seen anything that addressed teachers' needs and the reasons why they were striking.

Overall she felt the Government had allocated a lot of money into a few things rather than allocating smaller amounts into a larger variety.

Keefe wasn't sure how the Budget would affect her day-to-day living but she was interested to see how the success of wellbeing initiatives were measured in the year to come.

The other wins in Keefe's opinion were bringing benefits in line with average wages and addressing child wellbeing.