The RDRR made the removal of the Green Corridor that runs through the CBD a 2019 election promise.

In four years, I have only seen one cyclist use it, after costing the Rotorua ratepayers nearly $500,000 to install, and 50 car parks were lost from business' front doors.

CBD customers not only had a shortage of car parking, but some businesses were forced to close down as a result. The council is now considering a U-turn, after years of complaints about the waste of money, lack of use and its non-enhancement of the CBD.

I wonder how much more money will be wasted in removing this white elephant project? Seems co-incidental it's being removed months out from an election.


Although it's finally good to see the council is considering giving this long-awaited removal project the "green light" so that ratepayers, business owners and CBD shoppers can stop being green about the gills over this fiasco.

Tracey McLeod
Lake Tarawera

Un-social media

Since the March 15 terrorist attack Facebook has demonstrated to the masses its lack of accountability and oversight of the vile behemoth it has created. A place where everything and anything goes.

Every time the alleged terrorist's video shows up it re-victimises the injured, their families and insults the memory of those who were tragically killed. I can only imagine the anguish that this must cause.

I don't have any social media profiles, I never have and I never will. Personally, I like to live in the real world and not a virtual one.

People should delete their social media profiles. I think that is the only way Zuckerberg and his company will take note because it will hit them in the back pocket where it hurts. It's that simple.

Wendy Welten

Begging is a right

Marama Davidson is right, there is a fundamental right among all people to be allowed to beg, to ask for help, and it is every person's right to be able to offer and give assistance to our fellows.


Obviously demanding money with menaces is not right and must be stopped.

The real shame lies squarely on the council and/or government of a community that allows the need to beg to develop!

There is no excuse in a country as relatively rich as New Zealand for people to have to beg.

Jim Adams

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