Stop blaming climate change for environmental blips such as eroding sea-fronts that have been part of a changing world long before humans began polluting the atmosphere.

Climate change is a combination of processes that for millions of years has maintained the life-supporting properties of our atmosphere.

Of these, the cooling effect of evaporation from the oceans and forests acts as an air conditioner and controls the atmospheric temperature which has never exceeded a liveable level.

Overloading the air with a gas such as carbon dioxide triggers a weather condition that helps erode the gas and moderates the rate of temperature increase.


Climate change is a fixer of the atmosphere, not a destroyer of the environment.

Hugh Wilson

Better spent elsewhere

There are two sides to every coin, but from my view, there's a lot of money being spent on tourism, in my view, the lakefront is the biggest by a country mile.

I'm not against the lakefront, but I do think the money could be a lot better spent elsewhere such as the Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre).

This is a good example of the gap between the private sector and council and for the council to say it's too late to stop because it's on the long-term plan for Rotorua is just a cop-out.

You're putting the cart before the horse building these flash tourist attractions when the infrastructure is not there to handle numbers, eg roading and sewage. I know it's a balancing act with the growth of the city, but you are tipping the scales with the lakefront.

Gavin Muir
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