Rotorua urban water supplies are returning to normal following last week's excessive use of 7 million litres a day.

Rotorua Lakes Council water operations manager Eric Cawte said the urban water pumps could now manage the town usage.

This follows last week when the council reported an average of 7 million litres used in some areas on several separate days.

"We're pleased to see our reservoirs almost refilling to usual levels but remind people to remain mindful about how much water they're using."


Rotorua's urban water supplies are refilled through water pumped from springs and the heatwave last week meant water was used faster than it could be pumped.

Cawte said people noticed their gardens looked dry and watered them, when they might not have two or three weeks ago.

Cawte urged the public to remain aware of their usage with warm and dry weather forecast for the rest of the week.

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